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What Makes Us Unique

                                                CHILDBIRTH PREPERATION

   While other classes call themselves “Lamaze” classes, the truth is that most are just orientation classes that provide basic information on the birthing process. While providing information has some benefits, to achieve a “true” Lamaze birth requires lots of training and practice.
      My classes are training classes, where couples learn both the Lamaze and Bradley birthing techniques and, most importantly, how to develop those techniques to get the best results possible.  This is done by attending a Zoom session and then adding the home practice sessions to complete the process. I have developed a “step by step” training method to help my   families meet or exceed their birthing goals. A “true” Lamaze training gives the birthing mother the tools she needs to achieve this.
      Giving birth is one life experience a mother will never forget. I, sincerely, want her to remember her baby’s birth as the wonderful, life changing and empowering experience it can be.


      In all my classes, my families don’t just receive information, they actually do all the strategies needed to be successful.  
In adult education, the lowest retention levels for learners is to receive a lecture format. The highest retention level is when you hear, see and DO. I want all my families to receive the highest educational level, to help them fully reach their goals.

Fathers, or labor companions, play a very important role in participating in their partner’s birth. The fathers who take my class, will walk away knowing what to do and when to do it.  They will also be responsible in setting up their home training sessions and helping the mother develop her birthing techniques.
      Instead of taking a secondary role, my fathers, or labor companions, play a primary role in getting the baby born in the best way possible.
      I have been teaching childbirth education, here on Maui, for the past 40 years. Thousands of       Maui families have been taught my childbirth methods, with a high degree of success.  I fully support   “family-centered maternity care” philosophy.
      When you come to my Childbirth Zoom Sessions , you’ll be learning a method I have developed using both the Lamaze and Bradley birthing techniques.  I call it the “Irvine” method.  I am also just completing my first book in childbirth preparation.
      Besides being a childbirth educator, my claim to fame is being a teacher, first and foremost. Giving my students a class which is fun and informative, having everyone at ease and making everyone want  to come back for more is what I excel in.
                                                                       It is all about our comfort measures