Medicated or Natural Birth?

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   Sometimes it takes a Village

Having had both my children as natural births, I certainly encourage my families to consider a natural birth.  Preparing for a natural birth takes a tremendous amount of dedication.  Many of our techniques need to be practiced frequently to get the optimal effect of  "conditioned response".  Our fathers, or support people, play an important role in preparing the mother for her experience in achieving a natural birth. 

That said, my philosophy is "there is not one way to have a baby!"  My course gives the families lots of additional information on creating a good birth in a hospital setting by setting up a hospital tour, meeting some of the staff, and learning comfort measures and preventative techniques to keep the labor progressing in a natural way.

We also learn what medications are available at our hospital, risk factors to both mother and baby, when they should be given and how they're administered. Having this information will assist the family in making an educated decision on whether medications are needed or not.

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