2017 Upcountry Childbirth Retreat & Group Classes


                                  2040 Piiholo Road, Olinda.....just 10 minutes from Makawao town

Our Upcountry classes are held on Saturdays, in a serene and peaceful setting in beautiful Olinda.  It is here that expectant couples can dedicate that day to the rewarding experience of natural birthing and caring for their newborn.  

UPCOUNTRY CHILDBIRTH RETREAT     10:00am - 4:30pm  (lunch break mid-day)
This one day workshop will provide training in both the Lamaze and Bradley birthing techniques.  You will learn how to develop these techniques at home and have a thorough understanding of the birthing process and the many choices you can make to make your birth a satisfying "family-centered" experience.  Your labor partner plays an important role in your birth and will also learn how they can contribute to the laboring mother's comfort and take an active role in the birth of their baby.  Complete Training packet provided.
            January      21
            February    25
            April           01          

         May         13
         June        24
         August    05 
        September      23
        November       04     
        December        16
                                    Fee:  $135 a family -  Discount Available for Kaiser Members 



BASIC INFANT CARE       10:00am - 3:30pm  (lunch break mid-day)
One of our most popular "Hands-On" classes.  Everything you'll need to get off to a good start.  Some topics include:  your baby's hospital stay, coping with crying, the Dr.Karp "No Crying" training, sponge and tub bathing, diapering, and layette needs.
                January    28
                March        04  
                April          08     
         May         20  
         July         08
         August    12  

    September     30
    November      18
                                                     Fee:  $120 a family

BEYOND THE BASICS - 9:00am - 12:00pm
This addition to our Basic Infant Care class goes over important issues every expectant parent needs to know about.  They are my most requested topics.  We round out the series by covering car seat safety, traveling with baby and introduction to solid foods.  We'll even make your own baby foods!  Prepare to have fun and learn a lot!
        February  04
        March       11
        April         22
          June       03  
          July        15 
          August   26  

        October     14  
        December  02  
                           Fee:  $55 a family - Discount available if taken with Basic Infant Care class

     12:30pm - 2:30pm
Try as we may, every baby becomes ill at one point. Will you know what to do?  This class will walk you through the "ins and outs" of illness care and will help you gain confidence needed to assist your baby.  Topics include the following:  Choosing and communicating with your pediatricians, supplies needed at the home, signs of illness, how to use nasal aspirators, how to take an accurate thermometer reading, and much more.
                                                          Classes held the same day as Beyond the Basic Classes
                         Fee:  $45.00 a family - Discount available if taken with Basic Infant Care class

BREAST IS BEST    10:00am - 12:00pm
Breastfeeding is a natural part of the childbearing process but also a learned art.  This class is Maui's most comprehensive and will give you skills and information to enhance the success of the nursing family.  Some topics include: getting off to a good start, proper latch-on technique, how to tell if you have enough milk, problem resolution, how to organize your early days, and pumping information and supplies.  
            February     11
            March         18
            April            29       
         June              17 
         July               22  
         September    09         

        October         24
        December     09
 2016  December  17     
                                            Complete resource packet included.                       
                                        Fee:  $35 a family - Discount available for Kaiser Members

This topic needs a class all by itself.  Working mothers need to know when and how to collect their milk, how to safely store their milk and feed it to the baby.  You will also learn the best pump for your working situation, how to organize your pumping in the workplace, and supplies needed.        
                                       Fee: $15 a family -  Same dates as "Breast is Best" class 

Have a new baby coming into the family?  Need a refresher?  Come and learn all the new changes in infant care and how you can create a positive contribution as a new grandparent.  In 2017....it's a whole new world! 

            All sessions are given as private classes. Private classes are scheduled Tuesdays through Thursdays.
                                                                Complete resource packet included.
                                                                          Fee:  $50 per family

                                                      So many choices......so little time!

                                            All classes can be scheduled as Private Classes.        
      You may register for classes on our website at www.valleyislechildbirth.com or call the office at: