2021 Valley Isle Childbirth Classes

                                COVID RESTRICTIONS
 Due to the implemented Covid restrictions, we are unable to conduct our classes as group or private in-home sessions.  
We, however are providing our expectant parents with private Zoom Sessions.  This format has worked out really well for us and we have received very positive feedback.  
Sessions being offered in the Zoom format include the Lamaze Training Class and the Breast is Best Class.  Due to the supplies needed, we are unable to conduct the Basic Infant Care Class.
In addition to your Zoom session, you will also receive our comprehensive training packet.  The Zoom format also provides the benefit of scheduling your session on the day of your choice.  Class sessions usually begin at 10:00am. 
If you have additional questions or would like more information, please call Nancy at the office at 572--5237.

Maui's most comprehensive childbirth preparation course.  This one day workshop will provide training in both the Lamaze and Bradley birthing techniques.  You will learn how to develop these techniques at home and have a thorough understanding of the birthing process and the many choices you can make to make your birth a satisfying "family-centered" experience.  Your labor partner plays an important role in your birth and will also learn how they can contribute to the laboring mother's comfort and take an active role in the birth of their baby.  If you are planning a natural birth, this class is the one! Complete training  packet provided.

                                                             Fee:   $140.00 

Breastfeeding is a natural part of the childbearing process but also a learned art.  This class is Maui's most comprehensive and will give you skills and information to enhance the success of the nursing family.  Some topics include: getting off to a good start, proper latch-on technique, how to tell if you have enough milk, problem resolution, how to organize your early days, and pumping information and supplies.  Complete resource packet included.
                                                   Fee:  $50 a family                                          

                                                      So many choices......so little time!

                                     Email Nancy at Mauibabylady@aol.com  or call the office at: