Breastfeeding Services


"Only the Best for your Baby"

 Serving Maui nursing Mothers since 1966

                         Nancy has the distinction of being Maui's first lactation consultant through the
                                                        prestigious UCLA lactation program.

  She was instrumental in developing Hawaii's first breastfeeding clinic, through the Maui Childbirth 
  Program in Wailuku in 1994.  In 1996 she began her private practice and opened "Breastfeeding
  Services of Maui",  which eventually became a program of Valley Isle Childbirth.  Nancy was the first
  to offer home visits to evaluate, observe and support the new mother and her baby through their 
  breastfeeding adjustments, and has served thousands of Maui families
Nancy is known for her        
 "one-on-one" sessions and her care and compassion
for the breastfeeding mother and baby.                                                               



Any family going through the Valley Isle Childbirth program is cleared to receive free phone counseling.  Phone counseling will answer specific questions about you and your baby's breastfeeding and the safe collection and storage of your milk.  However, any situation which is of a clinical nature (weight loss, latch-on, etc.) and might lead to a medical issue will require an in-home counseling session.


Mothers requesting home counseling can set up an appointment by calling the Valley Isle Childbirth office at 572-5237.  In-Home sessions are available 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.  I will need the time and day of your requested appointment, as well as directions to your home.  The fee for        In-Home Counseling services is $75. an hour + mileage to and from the home.  The counseling session will consist of a thorough history of your baby's breastfeeding since birth, and observed breastfeeding session, shared strategies for problem resolution, handouts, a written care plan to follow.

                                                                      BREASTFEEDING PROGRAM


This program helps the new mother know how to use and properly gauge her new or pre-owned   breast pump.  We will inspect the used pump to make sure it is not contaminated, in any way, and safe for both the mother and new baby.  You will also receive a full counseling session on the safe collection and storage of breastmilk.       

                                                 Fee is $35. + mileage to and from the home  


Nancy will come to your home the first or second day you bring your baby home from the hospital and help you get organized for successful breastfeeding.  This will also include an observed nursing session, to make sure you are feeling fully comfortable with the breastfeeding techniques and your baby is nursing well.  (For problems with your breastfeeding, see In-Home Breastfeeding Counseling)  

                                                Fee is $60. + mileage to and from the home.