What Is The Best Breastpump For Me?


There is not just one best breastpump for all mothers.  We will need to look at a lot of different factors to determine what might be best.  I have been doing this for over 30 years and these are some of the things I look at:

                                Staying at home with baby
                                Going back to work full or part-time
                                How long are your break times while at work?
                                Physical make up of your workplace
                                And much more.......


Although used pumps are cheaper, we do not suggest that they are used.  Here are some of the reasons why:
      • Hygiene reasons - Breastmilk is a body fluid.  Viruses and other contaminates can spread through exposure to the breastmilk.  Do you know the health status of the person who previously owned the equipment?       
      • Internal parts contaminated through mold exposure - If the essential internal parts of the pump are exposed to mold, the spores can be transfered to your baby.  This can create a major health concern.      
      • Pump warranties are not transferable - All sellers tell the mothers they only use the pump a few times, when in reality that is rarely the case.  If the pump breaks down the manufacturer will not fix it and you may be out $100 - $200 or more and have to buy a new pump on top of it.